Constituent Services

How will Nick approach Constituent Services?

Virginia is blessed to have a Citizen legislature. In Virginia we expect our legislators to serve their constituents in Richmond in January and February and then to return to their districts and their jobs. Therefore it is critically important that citizen legislators build a close relationship with the communities they serve, combined with a simple and responsive process for addressing constituent needs and concerns.  

Constituent concerns generally fall into one of two categories: 

1. Issues with a Government Agency

  • Issues with Government Benefits
  • Issues with a Agency Service or Responsiveness
  • Immediate or Urgent Requests (usually in response to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies)

My commitment to you is that my Legislative Aide, Assistant or Intern will acknowledge receipt of your question or concern as quickly as possible and that my office will provide an answer or solution to your concern in a timely manner. 

In addition to our paid staff which is limited, we will maintain a network of local volunteers who will assist me in ensuring that concerns are addressed quickly and effectively!


2. Legislative or Policy Issues

  • Explanation of Positions
  • Explanation of Process
  • Policy Development

Transparency with respect to both policy positions and voting is critical in a representative government. To that end, I will ensure that any votes on important issues I intend to take or have already cast are explained in detail on my website or Facebook sites. My goal is to provide updates and insight during session so that my constituents will understand where I stand on a specific bill and why. I intend to post my positions on bills as soon as possible so as to provide my constituents an opportunity to comment and provide support or opposition, and to give them adequate time to have their voices heard prior to my voting on a bill. 


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