Do All Lives Matter to Democrats?

In a shocking revelation, to anyone who hasn't been paying attention, the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, let all of us know that Democrats support abortion on demand, at any gestation, for any reason.   

Recently when Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul was asked to explain what possible exemptions he approved of with respect to abortion, he very reasonably asked the question why the press NEVER asks Democrats under what circumstances they oppose destroying innocent human life.

Because let’s face it, that is what we are talking about here. Regardless of how you couch the debate to appeal to the demographic you happen to be speaking with, in the end, the science is clear. Human life begins at conception. This isn't some kind of amazing scientific revelation by the way. If we simply use the same criteria toward a fetus that we apply toward any other entity, we find that all of the genetic and substantive criteria are met to determine that at conception, we are dealing with human life at its earliest stages. 

The abortion question is therefore a fairly simple one. Can people arbitrarily decide, based on no greater justification than their own convenience, to destroy innocent human life which they helped bring about in the first place? Republicans have already answered the question with respect to rape and life of the mother. In the case of rape or life of the mother we are talking about two victims instead of one. But these circumstances, even according to avidly pro-abortion organizations like the Guttmacher Institute account for an incredibly small percentage of abortions. So why is it that the press feels it appropriate to spend all of their time on this issue, reaffirming that which has already been affirmed, and none of the conversation asking Democrats some tough questions about their support for aborting a 7 pound baby just before she leaves the womb? 

If Republicans agreed, as they already have, that abortion should be legal when a mother’s life is in danger, could we perhaps convince Democrats that allowing the abortion industry to go into our schools and encourage kids as young as 11 to engage in sexual activity "as long as they feel ready" is inappropriate?

What could be more exploitive than Democrat politicians advocating for the abortion industry to go into our schools and encourage irresponsible sexual behavior in the name of “education”?

Talk about “cronyism”. What could be a better example of “crony capitalism” then Democrats not only giving a specific industry access to our children at public schools, but then sending them hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year, a significant portion of which comes back to them as campaign contributions?

Talk about a war on women. What could be more "war like" than actually dismembering a female in the womb for profit?

But I guess the press is simply too busy asking Republicans to confirm once again that we don’t think a mother should have to carry a pregnancy to term if it is going to kill her, and most likely the baby.

In the end Republicans are dedicated to protecting Mothers and their children. We are not the ones conducting a “war on women” nor do we take lightly the difficulty of the decision concerning abortion. Our fight is not against those who have had an abortion or those considering it, but an exploitative, destruction based industry which would victimize them and their children.

What we despise is a culture which allows dead beat dads off the hook by making an unplanned pregnancy a “woman’s responsibility” while leaving the man free to shirk their responsibilities.  We are abhorred by an industry that profits off of the destruction of innocent human life by convincing young women that they have no other alternative but to use their service. We detest an industry that helps conceal abuse by keeping confidential the identities of suspected sexual abusers provided that they cover the cost of an abortion. And we openly oppose an industry which preys on our youth by suggesting that they engage in activity they clearly are not mentally or emotionally prepared for while seeking to make a profit off of the bad decisions they helped encourage. 

So to answer our initial question...Do all lives matter to Democrats? I guess it depends on how powerful your lobby is. 

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  • Corrine Daniele
    commented 2019-02-08 07:07:15 -0500
    As a post-abortive mother, I would like to thank Del. Nick Freitas for his strong stance for preborn children, and their mothers and fathers. I personally was deceived and manipulated five times by abortion clinic personnel… until the day my conscience bothered me so much that I asked to see the “tissue” when the procedure was finished (“An Abortion Choice Story Corrine Daniele”, -13min). I’ve been greatly inspired by Nick’s and other elected officials’ pro-woman and pro-family messages that set the critical cornerstone principles needed for the Republican party platform. In support of these principles that truly matter for Virginia and this great nation, I am jumping “all in” to help these candidates with every ounce of energy I have. I join my voice with the countless post-abortive women (and men) to thank you Nick and your family… for your genuine care and dedication to eradicate the threat of death over America’s preborn children, while trying to stop the exploitation of pregnant mothers seeking to abort their babies.