I Support John Adams

Over the last 4 years when Governor McAuliffe fails to gain necessary support for his legislative agenda in the General Assembly, he simply turns to the Attorney General’s office and Mark Herring is all too willing to subvert our constitutional processes by selectively enforcing or ignoring those laws which the executive branch disapproves of.

 At the inception of our Commonwealth, our founders made the conscious decision to be a nation of “laws, not men.” The purpose behind this is obvious. To protect the rights of all our citizens, we must have equal protection before the law, and those laws are to be created by a legislature, elected from the people, not an all-powerful executive branch.  

It is critical that we elect an Attorney General who sees the duty of this office to fairly and justly enforce the laws of the Commonwealth in accordance with the Virginia Constitution and the will of the people as elected by their representatives. Candidate John Adams will do just that. Unlike Mark Herring, John Adams understands that the reason why he is elected by the people instead of appointed by the Governor, is so that he can act as a check on the chief executive if necessary.  

John Adams first swore an oath to the Constitution as a member of the United States Navy. He further upheld this oath by serving as a clerk for Justice Thomas in the Supreme Court. I trust John to put his oath to the US and Virginia Constitutions above his political affiliation, because that is what he has done his entire life.

Mark Herring is a politician who ran for AG as a lawyer, but has served as a political operative. John Adams is a veteran and attorney who has never been a politician. His lifelong concern has always been the defense of our rights under the Constitution. It is for that reason that I trust him to be an advocate for our Constitutional system and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Nick Freitas

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