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  • Limited, Constitutional Government: The Virginia and US Constitutions are not a list of suggestions, but a contract between the people and their government. Representatives must actively demonstrate their support for these documents by using originalism to faithfully interpret its text. The Constitution is the law which governs government and those representatives who refuse to understand this important limitation on their power are failing in their most sacred duty to the Constitution, their constituents and all of the men and women who have fought to preserve it. 

  • Economic Liberty & Private Property: Genuine freedom is more than simply voting. In fact, without economic freedom, elections are little more than a chance for the people to select those who will be taking their property. People should be free to make important economic decisions for themselves free from intrusive and over bearing government. This means supporting low taxes, opposing onerous regulations, protecting private property rights and at all times fighting cronyism, which seeks to make business beholden to politicians and bureaucrats rather than their customers. 

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Government must always remember that it is spending the hard earned money of the people it is supposed to serve. Transparency, Frugality and Constitutionality must be the hallmarks of government budgeting and fiscal management. Taxes should be collected fairly and equitably and should only be expended on LEGITIMATE functions of government. When the government experiences a shortfall, their first instinct should be to cut spending on non essential services, NOT to raise taxes. The government must always operate based on a balanced budget.

  • Educational Freedom: A quality and relevant education is essential to our Commonwealths security and prosperity. Unfortunately many young people are denied a quality education due to the monopolistic practices of the government. Parents need greater freedom in determining their children's educational needs. Teachers need more time and flexibility to educate rather than trying to constantly prepare children for their next standardized test, and we must keep Common Core OUT of Virginia education

  • Virginia Families: The individual and families are the building block of society, not government. The best way that state government can support Virginia families is by providing a safe and secure environment for parents to raise and educate their children. This includes fighting back against federal encroachment and defending life. A government which does not respect the sanctity of human life, is not a government which can be depended upon to protect your rights and property. That is why I am adamantly pro life and will not only fight legislation to reduce restrictions on unsafe abortion clinics, but will actively encourage, advance and patron legislation which recognizes governments legitimate interest in advancing the ethic that All Lives really do Matter!

  • Second Amendment Rights: Defending our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is essential. The second amendment is not about hunting or target shooting. It was borne out of our Founders understanding that inherent to individual liberty is the right to protect ones person and property. Restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms is a direct violation of both the letter and the spirit of the law and must be opposed. While I share the concerns expressed by some about firearms falling into the wrong hands, it cannot be overstated that restricting the ability of law abiding people to protect themselves and their families because of the criminal actions of some, is not only inappropriate but completely counter productive to a free and safe society. I will be a staunch advocate of our Second Amendment rights. 






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  • Eric Freeman
    commented 2018-01-07 23:37:05 -0500
    Supports economic liberty and property rights? Can I assume that this means you’re against all drug laws? Probably not.
  • Emily Slingluff
    commented 2017-10-25 16:05:12 -0400
    Nick Freitas states the difference between individual freedom and socialism more clearly and concisely than anyone I have ever heard. I want a copy of the talk he gave this past Sunday in Culpepper, but guess he was just speaking from his heart and brain. He was not reading. I am for Freitas for President, after some years of the present one! Emily Slingluff
  • Nick Freitas
    commented 2016-03-16 11:42:49 -0400
    Thank you Joyce. Please visit our Facebook page and sign the ACLJ petition. Please also consider calling your federal and state representatives as well! Thank you