Opinion | Nick Freitas is #1 for Jobs

This November voters in Culpeper have the opportunity to re-elect our hard working delegate, Nick Freitas, to the 30th House District. Del. Freitas has an optimistic message, focused on creating a climate where local businesses can succeed.

Del. Freitas often talks about how important it is to have a sound regulatory and tax climate that gives business owners the freedom to make the right choices for their business and employees. It is freedom, not government intervention, that unleashes innovation and creativity and sets us down the road to prosperity.

Because Del. Freitas understands the value of both, he has fought for legislation to ensure the major economic drivers of our community have the tools and freedom necessary to succeed in the 21st century. He has carried legislation to lower taxes and create a reasonable regulatory system. During this term, he worked to pass legislation to make it easier for MPS, one of the largest book depositories in the country, located in Orange County, to provide textbooks to local schools.

This work has earned him significant praise. He was named a “Distinguished Advocate for Virginia Business” by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and earned an “A” rating from them in 2017. His record shows that he is willing to lead the fight in Richmond year after year to make sure our community and our Commonwealth remain competitive.

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